Tennessee summer runnin’

*This blog post was actually written in early August, about two months after we got married, and before we moved to our current location. 

Yesterday morning was slow, easy paced. I made eggs and toast, coffee, and relaxed. Until it hit 10 am, and I realized I had literally no time to get  ready for church. Let’s just say my hair was a big grease ball. I wore sunglasses on my head all day to spare the world. Yikes!

But it made the everlasting question of whether or not I want to run a much easier decision to answer. I already had the hair, so I went ahead and ran.

There there is this certain part of the greenway on Nashville that I love. It’s where I would always go after a long day, when I felt overwhelmed by questions and decisions. Now, sometimes songs come on my iPod, and the image of where I was running on the greenway when that song first played comes to me. So needless to say, it’s special to me!

That’s where I ran last night. I currently live and work farther away, so running that spot is more rare. It was definitely good to be back! My running schedule is alllllll over the place. Sometimes it will be 2 or 3 months between runs, and then I do stupid stuff like run 4 miles with no preparation other than my head telling me I got the energy! (I might have the energy but not the muscle mass.) This run, however, wasn’t too bad because I tried to take it easy. I ran 2.5 miles in about 25 minutes. It mostly just felt great to be outside as the sun turned to clouds, the river as my running partner and guide, and those smells of Tennessee summer that only seem to appear when surrounded by water and trees. Sometimes it’s too good.

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