Weekend Deals & Steals

Getting up early every day can be hard sometimes, but it also means having this to greet me on my way into work.

IMG_0306 1

Before I go to sleep to wake up to that pretty sunrise again, I wanted to show you guys some great deals I found this weekend.

IMG_0300 1

1. These flowers! They were in the Kroger Manager’s Special section of the floral department. (in other words, they were dying.) I got three bouquets for a grand total of (drum roll please) $5 and made my own arrangement. Gonna be honest, I don’t know what any of those flowers are called, but I like ’em a lot.


2. The Yogi Skin DeTox tea is one of my favorites, so I was super excited when it was on sale at Kroger for $2.99. I also got Yogi ginger tea and Yogi cinnamon vanilla tea. The cinnamon vanilla was really tasty. It basically tastes like Christmas. I already had the Zen green tea in my cabinet, and this morning I put two bags of the green tea and one bag of the Skin DeTox in a travel mug and took it to work with me. Oh my goodness. It was seriously delicious, and I’ll probably do the same thing again tomorrow morning.

IMG_0301 1

3. Sinful Colors is really cheap nail polish, and they have so many unique colors. It’s been my go-to polish lately. I found this copper color at Walmart for $1.98. Considering that nail polish can be upwards of $10 or more, that’s a pretty great deal. Granted, it probably won’t stay on my nails as long as OPI would, but it does the job and I can always repaint my nails once this starts chipping enough.

What kind of deals have you come across lately?

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