The Guac That Had Too Much Lemon

This past weekend, I found avocados at Kroger for $.69 each. I died a little. Apparently I wasn’t too excited, though, because I think I used one avocado in the span of four days, and they were already almost too ripe when I bought them. So last night I made it a point to use those avocados and make some guacamole (or just guac as I like to call it).

IMG_0401 1

I usually either love my guac or kind of hate it. Last night I  found the concoction somewhere in between. I was disappointed.

It was just too lemony. Originally, I planned to simply add salt and pepper to the avocados after mashing them, but then I started feeling a little too adventurous and overdid it on the lemon pepper seasoning. Oh well. Lesson learned.

If you use this recipe, I’d use garlic salt instead of the minced garlic (I just didn’t have garlic salt on hand, but it’s so good in guacamole.) I would also not use so much lemon pepper obviously. Basically, don’t stand there shaking lemon pepper into the guacamole for four seconds like I did (if that helps).

IMG_0402 1

The Too-Lemony Guac

  • 5 avocados mashed
  • a couple teaspoons minced garlic
  • salt to taste
  • pepper to taste
  • lemon pepper (definitely to taste)
  • a splash of lemon juice to keep the color (if you want)

You might think this is actually tasty, but I’ll return another time with a much better guacamole recipe that you will love. Next time, guys!

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