On-the-Go Tropical Smoothie

It’s Friiiiidaaaay!

This morning I did the thing I’m always hesitant to do. I made a smoothie before work. I always think it’s going to take too much time and be too much trouble, but I kept it simple today and I think it worked out. My sleeping neighbors in the apartment complex might think otherwise, though. My blender is a little loud…oops.


Anyway, I made a tropical fruit smoothie. It wasn’t really sweet at all; it was mostly tart. I guess the almond/cashew milk and the raspberries I added might have given a little something sweet but, for the most part, this is a tangy smoothie. I’m a fan.

All I used was a frozen tropical fruit mixture I bought at Sam’s, cashew/almond milk, grapefruit juice, and raspberries. It made a lot, so I filled up my huge Tybee Island cup I got on our honeymoon, and then I left a glass of the smoothie in fridge for When John woke up.



I’m writing this on my phone on my lunch break while sitting at Panera because I didn’t bring a lunch with me today, and I didn’t bring my computer. In a hurry! I should be back again later though. I hope the few remaining hours of your work day go by quickly!

One thought on “On-the-Go Tropical Smoothie

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