I Eat Collard Greens for Breakfast

This morning I woke up so hungry.

Lying in bed, stomach growling, thinking about food. John was in a hurry to go to work for a little while, so I cooked up some turkey bacon and an egg, making him a fried egg sandwich with pepper jack cheese. I also made the same tropical smoothie that I made yesterday and sent that with him also.

There was extra turkey bacon left over, which I ate, along with a fried egg, collard greens, and corned beef hash that I found after raiding the pantry. What a strange but delicious breakfast.

IMG_0433 1

My best friend came over for a little while, and she brought over some beet, carrot, ginger juice that she had made with her juicer. I don’t know exactly what was in it, but I do know that Liz makes some amazing drinks. We downed those, and then we drank the rest of the smoothie I had made earlier.

IMG_0441 1

It’s nice having a friend who will come over within minutes of waking up just to spend a little time together and drink something healthy to get the day started right.

This cool, damp, yellow-leafy Saturday is refreshing. Enjoy it!

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