Around the Apartment

Since moving into our little apartment, we’ve slowly been adding items here and there to spruce it up and make it not feel so tiny. The items we’ve added are small items, but they make me smile thinking about where they came from.

  • Framed Wedding Vows

IMG_0439 1

After we were married, I found two frames at Marshalls. One frame reminded me of John (I put my vows in that one) and the other reminded me of myself (I put John’s vows in that one). Both of our vows are now framed above each of our dressers in the bedroom. I love going about my day and being about to stop to read them if I want. It’s a nice reminder.

IMG_0277 1

My friend Katherine hand-letters these, converts them digitally, then prints them, and I think they are gorgeous. I’ve always liked the hymn from which this line originates, and now I have it hanging over our sofa. You should check out Katherine’s Etsy page because I’m sure you’ll find a print that’s just right for you.

  • These Chairs

IMG_0437 1

These were John’s great grandmother’s chairs, and now they are sitting in our bedroom between our dressers. These chairs are so unique, and I love that they have such a background. You can’t find anything like them today. The legs are made of sturdy, carved wood, and the seats are embroidered with a vine and flower pattern. The colors have faded respectfully over time. I love these chairs.


I bought this at Hobby Lobby a couple weeks before the wedding to use as a reception decoration. I honestly didn’t even notice it that day because there was so much going on, but I think I saw a picture of it sitting on the gift table. I love that we have it as a decoration in our apartment now. It reminds me of shopping with my mom before the big day and running all kinds of wedding-related errands together. It also reminds me of our wedding day and that John and I now share the same letter for a last name.

  • The Tennessee Wall

IMG_0436 1

We registered for this bamboo Tennessee-shaped cutting board on our wedding registry at Bed Bath & Beyond. We were super excited when someone got it for us. It’s now hanging on our kitchen wall beside this Tennessee plate displaying the Hermitage, the Parthenon, Lookout Mountain, the dam, Oak Ridge, Fall Creek Falls, and the Iris (our state flower). We found the plate at Phoenix Flea Market, which has always been one of our favorite places to browse on Sunday afternoons when we have the time.

Those are just a few of my favorite items in our apartment. I love having decor that means something special!

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