Weekend Highlights (II)

These day it’s staying darker longer in the morning, as in it was still dark outside when I got into my classroom at work. Plus it was raining and a Monday morning. Rough.

At least it’s lunch time now and the workday is more than half way over. I’m sitting in the breakroom eating stir-fry made with asparagus, chicken, corn, and water chestnuts that John’s mom sent home with him this weekend. It’s slightly spicy, and the water chestnuts make this dish.


This weekend was a good one. Let’s recap.

  • Friday night Pizza

IMG_0428 1

There’s a deal at Papa John’s right now for pizza if you order online using a code related to the Tennessee Titans. Great deal, but not such a great Titan’s season so far. Oh well…at least the pizza was good. My pizza had mushrooms on it, and I couldn’t have been happier about it. Plus the garlic sauce. I could eat pounds of that stuff. How delicious and disgusting.

  • Trivia (of course)

We went to trivia Saturday night with John’s best friend Jeremy. I don’t really want to talk about trivia this week if that’s any hint as to how our game went. It’s always good times though, and we’re trying to let the hope of another week live on.

little house

After trivia, I couldn’t stop thinking about watching Little House on the Prairie. We all went to Wal-Mart where I found season two for only $10. After we got home, I spent the rest of the night watching Little House, and I’m not even embarrassed because that show is the best.

  • Black Mountain

Yesterday after church, John turned to me and said, “Wanna skip town?” After doing the same thing day after day at work, that was music to my ears.



We drove about 1 1/2 hours to Black Mountain in Crab Orchard. It was wet and foggy, and the leaves were red, burgundy, yellow, and burnt orange. It was a much-needed spontaneous trip. I’ll be back to write more about Black Mountain and show more pictures when I have more time!

I’m still hungry, so I’m going to grab some of the leftover food in the kitchen from the kids’ lunch today. Shephard’s Pie, mmmm. It’s calling my name.

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