Overnight Oats & Kombucha Sort of Morning

Good moooorning.

I tried something new last night–I fell asleep listening to a “beach sounds” Spotify playlist. I always wondered if those were kind of a joke, but no. After I got past the intitial feeling of “but I’m not at the ocean I have to go to work tomorrow why am I listening to this” feeling, it was actually really relaxing. I caught some Zzzzz’s.

Two things before I head to work:

  1. More Overnight Oats


This time I made the oats with chocolate, peanut butter, walnuts, and a frozen berry mix I have in the freezer for smoothies. I haven’t taken the first bite yet, but that’s about to go down.

2. Kombucha

IMG_0472 1


These drinks are soooo good. They are nutritious and fizzy and flavorful and expensive, so I rarely buy them. I found them on sale at Kroger last night, though, and jumped on them. I bought four different ones that either John or I can take to work with us. I’m about to down this cranberry one.

Gotta head out the door. I’ll be back around lunch!

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