These Are a Few of My Favorite Teas

In the morning lately, I’ve been bringing a mug of hot tea to work with me. I keep it in my Stanley because it keeps drinks hotter longer than any other travel mug I’ve ever used. I have it in navy and bought it a while ago at Target. I couldn’t find the exact one on their website now, but I  found it on Stanley’s website (more expensive though).

As far as caffeinated teas go, these are usually my teas of choice.

IMG_0479 1

My favorite tea (not just in this category, but of all time) is definitely earl grey. I’m kind of picky about early grey tea, and my favorite is Tazo. I love that it’s a black tea mixed with the flavor of bergamot. I can’t get enough of it. However, when fall comes around, chai makes it way back into my life. The combination of spices is cozy.

I also enjoy green matcha tea, although I don’t drink it as often. I went to my parents’ house last night and went through the teas and rediscovered this. It’s good to drink hot, but my favorite way to make it is to brew it strong with honey, let it cool off some, then place ice cubes in it. Iced green matcha tea. The health benefits of powdered matcha are supposed to be even better for you than regular green tea, and the matcha is more flavorful anyway, so why not? 

IMG_0480 1

Sometimes I’m looking for tea without caffeine and with more floral or fruity flavors. In this case, my favorites are ginger, vanilla rooibos, skin detox, and honey lavender.

I’ll often drink ginger tea if I’m not feeling well, or if I want a spicier tea without the caffeine. Vanilla rooibos (never can say it out loud) has a soft, smooth flavor that definitely tastes like vanilla in tea form. The skin detox tea is made up of so many different flavors combined, but I always think of roses when I’m drinking it. It tastes like straight-up flowers. Last but not least, honey lavender. I almost never drink this one by itself; I usually add a bag of it to my earl grey, since earl grey already has a hint of lavender. It might be my favorite tea combo.

Combining tea bags is a fun thing to try. Instead of going to the store and buying all kinds of different teas, you can experiment with mixing different tea bags in one cup of hot water.

Have at it!

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