How To Be Late for Work

This morning I was dragging, so I tried to make something good happen so that the morning would feel easier. It felt easier, but somehow I ended up being three minutes late for work after leaving home an hour before even having to clock in.

It’s really simple and easy to do. Here is…

How to Be Late for Work

Step 1: Step out of your house and stand staring at the sky because it’s too early and there are still stars out and the moon is shining bright.

Step 2:  Stop by Panera for breakfast to-go.


Step 3: Start driving to work.

Step 4: Get gas once you are 3 minutes from work and have 20 minutes before you have to clock in.

Step 5: Think about tea.

Step 6: Go inside gas station and make black tea with peppermint and oolong.

IMG_0498 1

Step 7: Drive to work again.

Step 8: Arrive in work parking lot 4 minutes early.

Step 9: Realize the sun is coming up and looks too pretty.

Step 10: Take picture.


Step 11: Gather belongings.

Step 12: Look at phone and realize you are already one minute late somehow.

Step 13: Clock into work 3 minutes late.

Step 14: Ask yourself “how did this happen?” and feel stupid for clocking in late because you left home an hour ago.

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