Looking Forward To (III)…

It’s Friday again! This week feels like it has flown by. My class has grown in the number of preschoolers over the past couple weeks, and it has been my week to teach. For both of those reasons, I’ve stayed a lot busier at work. It’s been tiring too (I went to sleep at 9 pm last night), so I’m really glad it’s Friday!

Right now I’m looking forward to…

  1. my class’s fall party at work this afternoon.IMG_0503IMG_0267IMG_0502
    My co-teacher Maria and I have been working hard all month to decorate our room for fall and for this party. We have fall-colored paper chains with handprint owls and ghosts, black cats made out of paper plates, corn made out of construction paper, leaf stamps, and a whole lot more. Parents are supposed to be coming to the party, the kids are dressing up, Maria is Boo from Monsters Inc, and I’m Winnie the Pooh (click that link to see my costume). All of the early preschool classes have been competing to see who can have the best party because we think management is going to give out a prize for best party and decorations at our meeting net week. Maria and I have been super competitive and have gone all out. Here’s hoping.
  2. The time change. Maybe not so much looking forward to it, but I’m definitely not dreading it. Getting up in the morning with the light will be so much easier.
  3. Writing a post soon about how you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have quality hiking/running/work-out clothes.IMG_0452 1
  4. Not knowing exactly what will happen this weekend. Freeeeedom!
  5. John picking me up from work today. We will both be off work! OOoooooh yeah.

My co-workers want me to go upstairs and eat with them, so I guess that’s it for now. What are you looking forward to?

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