Weekend Highlights: Fajitas & Christmas

Happy Monday!

Did it work? Did you, even for an instant, feel like Mondays are happy? I hope so.

Right now I’m on my lunch break, and I packed the best lunch today.


I made a salad with romaine, red and green bell pepper, onion, green olives, banana peppers, and leftover chicken from the kids’ lunch today that I heated up in the kitchen here at school before cutting up to top this salad off. It is sooo good. I used greek salad dressing, which might be my very favorite.


I bought a really cheap 2-pack of this dressing at Sam’s.

AND, this salad container has been incognito for quite some time now, but we’re finally back together and I’m loving it.


It has a little salad dressing holder/dispenser at the top, an ice pack that clips into the bottom of the lid (which I seem to have lost), and it did come with small, plastic utensils, but I ditched those for a real fork. I like this container because it has a place to store the salad dressing with the salad without having to carry a separate container. It’s also really great because it has a secure lid that won’t pop off, which makes shaking the salad to distribute the dressing and toppings much easier. I’m sure there are other containers that would serve the purpose just as well, but I really do like this one a lot.

Ok, enough about my lunch.

This weekend was super relaxing, and I really wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was nice to just chill and catch up on a lot of missed sleep.

These are a few of my favorite things about this weekend. I’d have to say that by far my very favorite was…

1. Fajita Friday

IMG_0511 1




Friday night John and I went to the store and bought supplies to make fajitas. It’s always been a favorite of ours to split the large serving of fajitas at Mexican restaurants. I think this was the first time we made fajitas together on our own, and it was probably my favorite meal we’ve ever had together. John pretty much made them all on his own. He loves to cook, and he’s really good at it too. I’m lucky! We ate fajitas and watched the movie Charade on Netflix. It was sooo nice to spend that time together after a long week of not seeing each other much because of our differing work schedules.

2. Sleep

I got so much sleep this weekend. Seriously. I feel like I caught up on so much missed sleep over the past month or more. I loved every bit of it.

3. Christmas movies with my parents and Heavy


Halloween night was spent cuddled up to my favorite doggy, drinking cinnamon vanilla tea, and watching Hallmark Christmas movies with my parents. It was the best Halloween in a while.

4. The Astronaut Wive’s Club

Astronaut wives club

I really haven’t been reading very much lately. I’ve slowly been making my way through the “new” Harper Lee book, but last night I started reading this book I purchased a few months ago. I can’t believe I waited this long to read it; it’s right up my alley. I am fascinated by anything having to do with space, space travel, and flight. Viewing space exploration from the point of view of the astronauts’ wives is super interesting.

5. Disney playlist

IMG_0530 1

While making breakfast yesterday morning, I listened to all of the best Disney songs on Spotify. They are perfect and beautiful in every way.

6. Taming this cat


This cutie has found his way onto our back porch a few times. Today we spotted each other through the sliding glass door, and he actually let me open it and stuck his paw through the door before running away again. I left some tuna out for him, and then he came back later in the day to see if I had more. I’m hoping to have a pet cat by the end of the week.

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