What’s in My Bag?

Hey guys! I am once again on my lunch break, eating leftover chili that John made. Even though he’s super critical of the chili he makes, he’s like a chili expert. It’s the perfect amount of spicy.


So I’ve seen around other blogs the post called “What’s in My Bag?” and I thought it’d be fun to participate. Here we go!

IMG_0552 1

1. Gum that has fallen out of the package and out of the wrappers…awesome.


2. This foundation


3. Too much chapstick

IMG_0553 1

4. An old trivia score sheet that I don’t need.

IMG_0554 1

5. This trail mix

IMG_0548 1

6. This spoon (it might come in handy?)

IMG_0549 1

Basically I just learned that I need to clean out my bag.

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