Ten Things To Do When You’re Stuck in Traffic

This day started off on a deliciously great note.

I left the apartment early this morning to stop by the Starbucks down the street where my best friend works. I wasn’t sure if she was opening this morning, but I stopped anyway in hopes of surprising her. Sadly she wasn’t there, BUT my other friend was working there, and she was kind enough to use her free daily drink on me! It was so sweet of her, and it was really nice to see a friendly face before going into work for the day. The salted caramel mocha also contributed to the goodness of this morning. Salted caramel mochas are, by far, my favorite Starbucks seasonal drink.

IMG_0564 1

I also got a spinach feta wrap. Rarely do I ever order food at Starbucks, but I was really feeling it today. Their spinach feta wraps also have egg whites in them, and they are seriously delicious and worth it. Whenever I get a coupon or free food on my Gold Card, I use it on a spinach feta wrap.

Good thing I had a great start to my day because it took me two hours to get home this evening. There was so much traffic.

While sitting in traffic, though, I created a list of things you can do to entertain yourself or things you can appreciate while stopped in an endless sea of cars.

1. Dodge Accidents

Sometimes the car right in front of you cuts across a couple lanes of traffic and t-bones a big pick-up truck. You find yourself accident-free. Good job. You’re doing it.

2. Avril Lavigne

When Sk8er Boi or Complicated comes on the radio, all bets are off. You jam.

3. Dream about dinner

You’re hungry. You imagine all the things you could eat for dinner. You wish there were snacks. If there were, you would buckle them up in the passenger seat. They would be precious cargo.

4. The guessing game

What time will you finally get home? Every inch you drive either adds or takes away minutes. You will either win or lose.

5. Windows down

This is a must. If you are stuck in traffic, windows down all the way. You will feel less trapped.

6. Take it all in

Take the opportunity to notice more of the surroundings that you fly past every day without thinking about. Houses, businesses, trees, views, people—whatever it may be. I’ve seen some pretty cool things while stuck in traffic.

7. Practice singing

No one can hear you, and it might be that no one really wants to hear you. So take this opportunity to sharpen that skill.

8. Spotify’s 90s playlist

Jewel, Jimmy Eat World, Eve 6, Third Eye Blind, Goo Goo Dolls, Blackstreet, Matchbox Twenty, Tal Bachman, Train… This is kind of embarrassing.

9. Experience the feeling of the first flight

When you finally hit 30 mph, you are the first person to fly. You are rocketing to the moon. You are a hero.

10. You have a car.

Finally, after two hours of traffic and a lot of thinking, I finally arrived home. John had already left for work, but he left me a big spicy pot of chili (which happens to be up to par this time in his book).


IMG_0568 1

He’s the best.

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