Weekend Highlights (IV)

I’m a little (a lot) late, but this past weekend was a good one and I want to write about it.

1. The first run





Rocking the folded down socks.

I got up on Saturday morning and rushed out the door to run at the dam. It was my first run in a while, and I felt like I had a lot of pent up energy. It was 55 degrees and pretty chilly because there were a lot of clouds in the sky, but it felt so good. And once I started running, I definitely warmed up. I ended up tying my light jacket around my waist.

I ran about 3 miles total, and walked about a mile. I only recorded the first two miles, and then the last 2 miles I ran intervals, which is why I think it totaled about a 3 mile run.

IMG_0582 1

I ran faster than I have in a while, and I felt it the rest of the weekend.

After running the first two miles out, I stopped to pet this cute guy.



I had been wanting to pet him for a long time, and he finally let me. I think it was just that he was hungry, though, because he ate a ton of grass and tried to chow down on my earphones. Steady, boy.

2. Free Panera cookie


After my run, I needed to go to the store, but I took a pit stop at Panera. I was just going to get a drink, but the line was super long. There was an employee standing next these new self-serve kiosks, and she asked me if I wanted to use the kiosk to order my drink. My first impression was, “No way, I am not going to order my food on a computer.” But then she offered me a free sample and a free cookie if I used the computer. I was hungry…and a sucker.

3. Shopping with my mom

I don’t have any pictures for this, but going out with my mom on a Saturday is one of my favorite things. Even if I’m tired (sorry, Mom!) and don’t buy anything, I like getting to talk to my mom and drink Starbucks’ Christmas drinks.

4. Trivia with John

Once again, no pics. And, once again, we did horribly (going through a bad trivia phase), but I love having that time with John doing something we both really enjoy.

5. Late night drives


Driving around playing each other some of our favorite older or classic country songs. John makes anything fun, and it was my kinda thing.

6. Lu Lu


I watched Lu Lu for Josh & Kelli (my brother and his wife). They live nearby, so I stopped by a couple times to feed their dog and let her out. I felt bad for her because she looked excited but confused when I walked in the door and I wasn’t Josh or Kelli. I’m glad she has them back now!

7. Lunch & donuts with my parents


John and I took donuts over to my parents’ house on Sunday and ate lunch with them. We were passing by the donut shop, and it was small and looked independent, so I was bound and determined to go. The donuts were really good, and the guy who worked there even gave us an extra donut for free. While at my parents’ house, I picked up a bookshelf and some other stuff that I needed but hadn’t taken yet out of my old room. It was fun watching the Titans game, eating lunch, talking, and petting the dogs. My mom makes good chili!

8. Jet’s Pizza/my truck

Maybe spending the afternoon working on a vehicle isn’t exactly fun, but I got to help John by handing him tools and holding the light for him when it got dark. It doesn’t really matter what it is, I just like spending time with him. He was working on the truck in his parents’ driveway, and my brother Jordan and John’s sister Sarah were there. That’s how Jet’s Pizza came into the picture. They hung outside with us for a little while and then wanted to know if we wanted to split a Jet’s Pizza with them. Ummm…Yes. Easy question.

It was a fun weekend! I hope you all have a great night and get your Thursday morning off to a good start. (Yes, I mean by eating breakfast.)

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