The Day of Running & Prizes

I went to bed last night with high hopes of running before work. I was motivated. But when my alarm went off, I definitely was not motivated anymore. Instead, I took my running clothes with me to work because I had to kill some time between getting off work and going back to work for a meeting.

I got off early and had some extra time to run errands and convince myself to run. I knew a change of scenery would help, so I went to Percy Warner Park, which is so pretty and yellow in the fall.

IMG_0620 1
This was taken in the parking lot. There were much more colorful leaves on the trail, but I didn’t want to stop to take any pictures.

It’s also really hilly. I ran the first mile almost exclusively up hill. All I could think was that it was only a mile, and the mile back would be a breeze.

It wasn’t exactly a breeze, but I made it.


This is fast for me, and it’s something I never thought I could do a few years ago. It’s really cool to see what practice and perseverance can do.

Another bright side of this day is that my co-teacher and I won Starbucks gift cards at our work meeting for having the best bulletin board (check out our healthy turkey here). Everyone laughed at my face when they said we won because it’s kind of the joke among us that I’m not artsy and bulletin boards are my biggest foe, so I was shocked.

Wooohoooo, bring on the free treats!

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