Sweet Potato To-Go + Green Bean Casserole Secret Ingredient

Last night I went to a “Friendsgiving” dinner, and I brought the green bean casserole.

I found this dish at Goodwill one day! Perfect.

Green bean casserole has always been my designated dish to make for Thanksgiving. Besides sweet potato casserole, it’s my favorite Thanksgiving food. Because I loved eating it so much, my grandma taught me to make it, and I have been ever since.

There was a lot of food at the dinner last night, so I came home with plenty of leftovers. Everyone who ate it said it was amazing, though, and this is why: garlic powder, lots of pepper, and french fried onions in the mix. Garlic is something my mom and grandma always added, and it makes the casserole so much better.

Adding the onions into the casserole before baking brings out a lot of flavor as well. I do this because the onions are my favorite part. They won’t be crispy on the inside of the casserole, but of course you add onions on top to crisp at the end of baking anyway.

I brought some of the green bean casserole with me to work today, and a sweet potato too. John brought a sweet potato to work with him last night, and it inspired me to do the same thing today. I  heated the potato in the microwave at home to cook it, and then reheated it at work.


It’s like I’m having my own miniature Thanksgiving lunch at work! It’s not an ordinary lunch, which is why I like it. Shaking things up a bit.

Have a good Wednesday!

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