Looking Forward To + Subway Chopped Salad

Hello again! It’s been a couple days. There have been a couple posts I’ve been wanting to write, and since falling off the daily post wagon, I’m back on a Saturday. I usually write my “looking forward to” post, but I really don’t have many pictures to share for that.

All that I’m looking forward to is:

  • being off work
  • hopefully a hiking/cabin trip
  • birthday shopping for my dad with my mom (his birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year)
  • using my free Starbucks drink on my gold card
  • picking up my truck from John’s parents’ driveway and getting it tested for emissions finally! John put a lot of work into it, and we think it’s finally ready to roll.

Here are a few highlights from the past couple days:

  • Seeing my favorite doggy


Heavy was mostly my dog when I was living at home. He slept with me every night, ran 6 miles with me, cuddled with me, drove with me… He is the neediest dog who will bark and bark and bark if you are sitting next to him and not touching him. It’s annoying and so, so sweet. I love him to death.

  • Dinner with John


John and I had a Chili’s gift card, so we drove to Opry Mills Mall to have dinner together. Since he works overnight and then comes home and sleeps, he hadn’t eaten in quite some time. I, on the other hand, had eaten Chick-fil-a that work provided, so I was feeling a lighter option for dinner. I got the grilled chicken salad, and it was like a salad with black bean, corn, tomato salsa. So good and filling.

  • Subway Chopped Salad

IMG_0690 1

On Thursday, I didn’t bring a lunch with me to work. I was trying to think of a healthier lunch option that wouldn’t be too expensive. There are a lot of fast food places around my work, and there’s also a Chipotle, which is always really tempting because it’s delicious and healthy, but it’s also a little more pricey than some other options. Then, I remembered that Subway has chopped salads. They are big and definitely worth the price considering how much food you get. I went with the tuna chopped salad with all the fixings. I ate the whole thing. I only wish that I had asked for oil & vinegar instead of the southwest chipotle dressing because the dressing was spicier than I wanted at the time, and the salad really didn’t need all that extra flavor.

Have a great weekend!

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