Weekend Highlights: Target Finds + Easy Egg Breakfasts

How is it that as soon as the temperature falls to freezing or below, the air feels thinner, crisper, clearer? Somehow, the cold air always carries a hint of smoked wood. The cold isn’t so bad if you breathe it in the right way: on a porch with someone you love, a scarf, wool boots, clear sky, stars, and Christmas lights to complement. It calms you.

This weekend has been much colder than it has been lately here in Nashville! It is currently 28 degrees. It was in the 70s last week. I don’t know how this happened, but it feels much more normal considering that Thanksgiving is this week, and it’s almost December.

My highlights for this weekend have a lot to do with cooking and crafts. So here goes.

  • Breakfasts
Pay no mind to the burnt bagel.


This is what I ate this morning. Sharp cheddar cheese is my favorite kind of cheese, and that is what I included in this omelette. The chives are what really made this omelette, though. It was a winner.


This bagel, fried egg, turkey bacon sandwich is what I ate yesterday morning for breakfast.

I love food in the morning.

  • Bringing out the warmth


I made John this quilt a few years ago. It’s made out of flannel on either side, with batting between, and it is seriously the warmest thing. To this day, I still look at it and think, “How did I have the patience to make this?” I have no idea. I really liked him I guess. Now, it’s gotten cold enough that we can finally start using the quilt. So far, we have refused to turn on the heat, substituting a little space heater, which I use in the bathroom in the morning and to heat the living room when I wake up. At night, though, there is no heat. We layer on the blankets, and all of those plus the quilt make you feel perfectly warm and so cozy.

  • Target finds

Target is a dangerous place. I went birthday/Christmas shopping with my mom Saturday afternoon, and I found a few goodies for myself. Isn’t that how it always goes?


This was an impulse buy, for sure. I had never had it before. Get this stuff out of my apartment. I love it too much.


Flavored coffee is my favorite.


I’ve been on the lookout for a good conditioner. I tried a sample one from Loreal Paris that left my hair smoother and softer than it had been in a long time. I chose this conditioner because it was right in the middle between the conditioner for exceptionally damaged hair and another that was for dry hair. I wanted something stronger than the dry hair option, but not as strong as the very damaged hair conditioner (because I was afraid it would make my hair oily faster). So far I like this one!

I hope your Monday goes well!

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