Weekend Highlights: mall shopping, Christmas wreaths, & cats

It’s the last weekend before Christmas, and John and I were definitely not thinking about that tonight when we drove over to Opry Mills Mall. The traffic was soooo backed up on the highway. We bypassed that traffic and chose Rivergate Mall instead because we knew it wouldn’t be as busy.

I love Rivergate Mall. It’s an indoor mall with department stores, and they just don’t make them like that anymore. We listened to Christmas music play over the speakers as everyone did their last-minute Christmas shopping. I won a Bath & Body Works gift card at a Dirty Santa party last night, and I was on the look-out for some new perfume. I didn’t find the perfect one, so I’m going to try my luck again another time.

What I do while John drives.

Here are some of this weekend’s highlights:

Yesterday I stopped by Dollar General to get some kind of container or Christmasy food bags to hold cookies I made for my Dirty Santa gift, and they had a bunch of their Christmas decorations 50% off. So I finally found a wreath I liked that wasn’t super expensive (even though Christmas is only a few days away at this point), and this doormat that I knew John would like because there’s a bear on it. He loves bears.


I also visited this little kitty yesterday. I got Miracle when I was 19, but she’s still living at my parents’ house now. She is seriously one of the sweetest cats ever. Everyone makes fun of her because she’s a fat cat, but she is precious.


Just look at those eyes.

Tonight John and I had his friend Jeremy over for dinner. John and Jeremy grilled steaks, and I made a ton of veggies. Onions, peppers, and mushrooms sautéed in a pan, and asparagus in another.


I’m excited about this week because I only work Monday and Tuesday, and Tuesday is my class’s holiday party. All the parents will come, and it’s always a good time. Then Christmas will be here!

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