Christmas Chocolate & Tennis

Chocolate must be one of the main go-to Christmas gifts because I received a lot of it this past week, and I’m not complaining.

from one of my preschooler’s parents
from my co-teacher Maria
from my momma
from another of my preschooler’s parents

Plus the leftover Hershey’s kisses that I bought to make Christmas cookies. This chocolate situation might be getting out of hand.

Something I’ve been meaning to write about is the night I played tennis with my brothers. Ever since I moved out, my brothers and I had been talking about playing tennis at the courts in my apartment complex. And we finally did because it was probably one of the last warm days of this unusually warm (almost) winter.


This is the best picture I could get of Josh and Jordan’s match up.

We grew up learning to play tennis from our parents who played when they were in high school and college. I’m still not that great at it, but we all improved a lot just in the hour or two that we played in the dark that night. Games like ping-pong and tennis that involve quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination are my favorite. We’re hoping to get back at it once the Christmas season is over and we’re all in the same state again. Then we’ll become tennis pros. I love that while growing up my brothers always included me in playing sports with them and/or all of the boys. They never left me out of anything and still don’t!

Just four more days til Christmas. Enjoy it!

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