Holly Jolly Florida Christmas

This month has been strangely warm. Some people hate the warmth in December and some people are thankful for what they hope will be a milder winter. I’m sort of a mixture of both–especially during the Christmas season.

Every year growing up, my family would go to Florida for Christmas, for the summer, and even sometimes for Thanksgiving. That’s where all of our relatives live, where my parents are from, where I was born, and where I lived for only the first year of my life. And when I was ten, my family and I lived at my Grandma’s house in Florida for a year while she was sick. Therefore, South Florida really does feel like my second home.

The clear but thick salty air that hits you as soon as you step outside, palm trees, lizards, cockroaches (maybe I’m getting a little too nostalgic with that one), iguanas in the backyard, frogs, thick and prickly grass, warm weather, tennis courts everywhere, 30 minute drive to the beach, sandals, fluffy “Florida clouds”, sudden and intermittent rains showers, and cool breezy nights with light jackets.

This year, I couldn’t go to Florida for the first time because John and I both had to work this week. Although I have always spent Christmas with my family and associated Christmas with warm weather, I am very, very thankful that I am finally able to spend Christmas with John. But it felt like nothing could change the fact that the cold weather just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me though.

Then, a miracle happened.

It has been in the 60s and 70s the past few weeks. Christmas day is supposed to be in the 70s and rainy. Rainy weather feels more like Christmas to me than snowy weather.Part of me feels like it would be a cozy change to experience a cold, snowy Christmas since I’m staying in Nashville, but I can’t help appreciate this weather right now. The fact that we are having record highs the first year I can’t go to Florida with my family for Christmas makes me feel like God sent me a special gift this year.

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