Honeymoon reminiscing + Winter Running + A New Cat

Happy Christmas Eve eve! Today started my Christmas break, and I am thrilled. Unfortunately, John has to work until later this evening, but I’m so excited for him to come home tonight!

This morning began with an easy breakfast–scrambled eggs and toast. I scrambled the eggs with salt, pepper, and chives, and then tossed some spinach into the pan with them once they were almost done cooking.


Then came some reminiscing as I ate and scanned through pictures from John and my honeymoon.

We went to the Smokies, Tybee Island, Charleston, and Savannah. Mountain cabin, hikes, old buildings and houses, touristing in the rain, Flannery O’Connor’s house, the beach, old forts, lots of driving, boat rides, and dolphins. Such a fun week.

After those fun flashbacks, I left to get some Christmas baking supplies and cat food.

This is my new favorite little buddy Smiley or Cuddles. She was just a cat that roamed the apartment complex, but now she loves John and me. She’s precious and the perfect cat. She’s not stuck up at all. All she wants is to be loved and to love you. She won’t even eat any of the food we offer her, but I thought I’d try getting her some cat food. Still, she won’t eat it. I don’t get it, but I’m glad she comes around. When you have a wild, outdoor cat that’s not really yours but you feel like it is, you always wonder if they’ll be back the next day. Thankfully, she keeps coming back.

After getting back home, I knew I needed to get out and move, but the threat of a storm was scaring me a little (plus I was being lazy), but I practically forced myself to do it before it started to rain.


It was a super short, windy run. It’s the day before Christmas Eve in Nashville, and I was wearing a tank top and shorts! Crazy. When I got home, it was just starting to sprinkle. I felt out of shape during that run, but I was also hungry and had only eaten a handful of peanuts since my small breakfast. I need to get back at it. P.S. I love my Garmin watch that tells me how far I’ve run, my pace, time, and calories. I lost the charger while moving this summer, but John recently found it. I’m so excited to use it again.

Then I made a smoothie. It might look green and gross, but don’t judge a smoothie by its color. I used frozen tropical fruit, sweetened almond milk, a little water, coconut, and spinach. (There were little bits of coconut floating in the drink. So good!)


Now I have high hopes to use some of my baking supplies to make cookies tonight.


Merry almost Christmas Eve!

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