All is calm, all is bright

It’s the day after Christmas. This day is always bittersweet. Bitter because the calming Christmas season is over, but sweet because there are all of the memories leftover. I’m especially thankful for this Christmas because John and I were finally able to celebrate it together (I’m usually in Florida). Christmas Eve and Christmas morning are so much sweeter when you can wake up with the one you love to celebrate the day.

Christmas Eve began with surprise treats.




The almond thins from Aldi with the creamed honey on top plus the coconut coffee John got me was sooo good and a great appetizer before our real breakfast.



I made chocolate chip pancakes. I went the easy route and used an Aldi pancake mix that only required water to be added, but I did add some nutmeg, cinnamon, and chocolate chips. Christmas pancakes.

I also made scrambled eggs with sautéed onions.



We tried to drink a lot of water in the morning, then waited a couple hours before going for a Christmas Eve run. It was in the 70s with a completely clear, sunny sky. It was so strange seeing so many people out and about in shorts and t-shirts in Nashville on Christmas Eve! Such a bizarre occurrence.

We drove to the Donelson Greenway and ran some parts of the trail that I had never been on before. It had been a while since John and I had run together because our daily schedules are so different, so I was so excited when John suggested it!




We ran 3 miles out and back, of course with me dragging behind, haha. It felt great though, and I’m really grateful John enjoys running with me.


After our run, we stopped by Starbucks because I have over $40 in Starbucks giftcards. Oooooh yeeeeah.


This iced coffee with raspberry and cream creation was John’s idea, and it was delicious.

After sitting on the Starbucks porch and drinking our drinks, we went home, got ready, and went over to John’s parents’ house. All of his siblings with their spouses and kids were over.




After eating and hanging out, we watched Inside Out, which I had never seen before. It was a good movie and very interesting!

Then, on Christmas morning, I attempted to make monkey bread.

It was all fine and dandy until I took the monkey bread out too soon. It wasn’t completely done, so I put it back in, and then it got overcooked. Major fail. As much as I wanted my first Christmas morning breakfast with John to work out, sometimes I need little reminders that things aren’t going to be perfect. In the end, we sat on the floor and ate turkey bacon and drank John’s special cider/tea concoction as we opened our gifts to each other.



This is the gift I’m hugging in the above picture…


It’s a Starbucks Florida to-go mug. I didn’t even know this existed. I was ecstatic.

After opening gifts, we went back over to his family’s house to eat turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, veggies, and pie. After eating, I talked blog talk with my sister-in-law Sarah. She has a great blog that she’s done her own coding for and put a lot of work into, so I was getting some advice from her for my own blog.

After spending time with family, we came back home and relaxed in rocking chairs on the porch and on the couch. I think my favorite thing about Christmas is that so many businesses are closed for the day–even the Wal-Mart down the street was closed. It makes everyone stop, relax, think, and be thankful. It was a great first Christmas together, and I’m excited for all the others to come.


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