Something is better than nothing

And so the running continues.

John and I ran three miles again yesterday. We had a fool-proof plan. Stick some sweet potatoes in the oven, rice in the rice maker, green beans in the steamer, and hit the path.

I was definitely not feeling it, but John was my motivation and I knew I would feel so much better after finishing. However, during the run, my legs were hurting, and I was breathing harder than usual, which was discouraging. I had to keep telling myself, “This is better than nothing.”

Plus, my preparation for this run was scarce. Not enough food and not enough water to power me through it, and I could feel it. Lesson learned. I’ve been trying to drink more water since yesterday.

By the end of the run, I was disappointed with my time because I used to be able to run three miles in 28-30 minutes, and our total was about 31 1/2 minutes. but I was happy that I actually went out there and did it.

So if you need some motivation to get moving, just know that you will feel ten times better after doing something, whether you meet your goal or not. And your goal might be something completely different than someone else’s. Everyone is going to have a different personal goal, so try not to compare your goal to someone else’s too much. Believe me, when I read other bloggers talk about their sub-eight half-marathons, my jaw drops and I feel like a lazy bum. But you just have to continue to work toward that goal you’ve set for yourself. For me, I want to run three miles in under 30 minutes again. Whatever your goal is, stick to it and but don’t be crushed if you don’t meet it right away. It takes persistence and consistency.

Then, this meal happened.


We pulled out the sweet potatoes and marveled at our perfectly cooked rice, then John fried salmon with salt and pepper in a pan when we got home. Just a few minutes on each side, and it was perfect.

We also used this rice maker that I got John for Christmas. He had been wanting one because we both love rice, but we’re bad at cooking it. This rice maker is awesome. It cooked the rice perfectly. All you do is follow the measurement lines inside for the water/rice ratio, turn it on, and it shuts off when it’s done cooking the rice and keeps it warmed. It also has a piece you can place above the rice and fill it with vegetables to steam them. This rice cooker was only $10 at Wal-Mart. So worth it.


I hope you all had a good Monday! What’s a goal you’ve been working toward?


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