Sweet Potato Kale Soup + Two Mile Run

I have to share this recipe with you guys, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we have around here.

This recipe is a result of wanting to use some sweet potatoes that had been sitting in our kitchen for too long. I had also bought ground turkey at the store, not knowing quite what I wanted to do with it.

Well, I decided to use it in some soup with other frozen veggies that had been in our freezer. I have to say, I’m pretty satisfied with the result of random ingredients thrown into a pot, and John and my best friend both loved the soup too. It’s packed with veggies, which is what I really liked about it! I was looking for a meal that was satisfying but full of nutrients.



John and I ate this turkey/kale/sweet potato soup for dinner last night, took it to work with us for lunch today, then my friend and I ate it for dinner tonight. We ate every last drop of a big pot in a single day.

Turkey Kale Sweet Potato Soup

  • two large sweet potatoes
  • one pound ground turkey
  • one onion
  • 16 oz. frozen peas
  • 16 oz. frozen kale
  •  16 oz. butter beans (or black beans)
  • 48 oz. chicken broth
  • Italian seasoning
  • garlic powder
  • fennel seed
  • celery salt
  • salt & pepper

First, cook the ground turkey with a little oil in your soup pot. Add a teaspoon of garlic, a tablespoon of Italian seasoning, and salt and pepper. Chop the onion and toss into the pot when the turkey is close to being finished. While cooking the turkey and onion, heat sweet potatoes in the microwave until soft but not mushy. You’ll just have to cook them in two minutes increments (that’s what my mom told me!), and check them often.

When the turkey is done and the onion is soft, add the chicken broth. When the potatoes are done, cut them into cubes and add to the soup. Add the peas, kale, and beans. Then add about a tablespoon more of Italian seasoning, about three tablespoons of fennel seed, a teaspoon of celery salt, and more salt and pepper to taste.

*Side note, all of these measurements are complete estimations. But I know I used more fennel seed than anything else, and more Italian seasoning than celery salt. I also know I only used a dash of garlic. The fennel seed is the key to this recipe.*

This is such a perfect winter night dinner. If you make it, leave a comment or send me a picture on twitter. And let me know if you did anything differently. I’d love suggestions.

My work schedule has been a little weird this week, and I somehow had time to run outside after work today before the sun set completely. It was not easy getting up to go run after getting off work, but I knew I would feel a lot better afterwards. I had eaten well all day and been well hydrated, so I was hoping it would be a better run, and it did turn out to be a better run than last time even if it was shorter.


It was coooold! 46 degrees is cold to me when running against the wind. I was bundled up in the Under Armor pull-over my brother got me for Christmas, and ear warmer headband. Both kept me warm!

I was happy with this run because I was moving faster than last time and felt much more prepared. Apparently, an egg sandwich and a fruit/veggies smoothie for a super early breakfast, oatmeal for a later (second) breakfast at work, my soup for lunch, a tuna packet with a Christmas cookie and a handful of peanuts + matcha green tea for an after-work snack makes for pretty good fuel.

And like I said last time, something is better than nothing.

Sleep well!

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