Rosemary Kale Scrambled Eggs + Matcha Green Tea

Happy New Year’s Eve!

If you’re like me, you get bored with scrambled eggs. You might not even really like them. So whenever I make them, I try to do something to add lots of flavor and even more nutrients so that I feel like I’m getting more out of my breakfast.

This morning, I added rosemary, salt, pepper, and frozen kale.


My mom used to add rosemary to my eggs, and they really do go well together. I wanted to add spinach also, but we had run out. Then I opened the freezer, saw the kale, and got excited. Kale instead of spinach would work perfectly.

If I could do it again, though, I would have added the kale sooner. I added it when the eggs were pretty much done cooking, so the kale didn’t have much time to defrost and get hot along with the eggs. Just add the kale when the eggs are still cooking. That way, you’re sure to have the eggs and kale ready at the same time.

I also made a mug of two bags of matcha tea + one bag of Gypsy Cold Care tea, which has peppermint, rose hip, cinnamon, ginger, hyssop, licorice, and clove. I bought the Cold Care tea when I was sick a couple months ago. I just used the last bag, and I really want to get more! I’m not completely accustomed to the taste of matcha green tea, so I like to add a bag of herbal tea to the mix.

Have a good New Year’s Eve!

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