Lake Hikes + Camera Talk

Today I planned on running a few miles but instead, John and I decided to go for a hike.

It was fun because we used to spend a lot of time at the lake, but we just haven’t had as much time to do that lately. It’s always been our favorite place to go together though. So we took the opportunity to go today.

We hiked then stopped to admire views from the bluff, inspect fossils on the beach, and take some pictures of our surroundings. It was about 42 degrees as we hiked. I was bundled up like crazy–down to the wool hat I found at Goodwill. We did the Day Loop trail at Longer Hunter State Park, which is about a 4 mile hike. It took us 2 hours and 20 minutes because we stopped so often.



I love living so close to a body of water! I don’t know what I would do if I ever lived completely landlocked. It’s the most calming place here at home that I can think of.

John also took some pictures featured below. I’ve always really liked John’s photos. He’s taught me a lot about photography and how cameras work.


I bought a refurbished Canon EOS Rebel T3i a couple years ago, and I haven’t used it enough. However, I pulled it out today, and we got a lot of use out of it. For me, film cameras are soooo much easier to maneuver. (I also bought a Canon A-1 on Ebay a few years ago after borrowing my uncle’s and loving it. I have gotten a ton of use out of it.) I am determined to figure this Rebel out though. Maybe that’ll be one of my resolutions this year.

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