Mediterranean Quinoa with Kale & Turkey

Sometimes my co-workers tell me my lunch looks like dog food. Little do they know what they’re missing out on.

Last night, I made Mediterranean quinoa with ground turkey and kale.


In the first couple months of John and my marriage, I bought a couple small bags of quinoa from Aldi. I used most of one bag, but I never opened the second bag, which was pre-mixed with lots of Mediterranean spices, like basil, marjoram, garlic, oregano, parsley, red and green bell peppers, rosemary, sage, fennel, and mint.

As I cooked the quinoa (Really simple. Just follow the package instructions.), I sautéed half of an onion. Then I threw in some frozen kale with garlic powder, and salt and pepper.

Next, I browned a pound of turkey. I kind of lost track of all the spices I used with the turkey. I just kept tossing spices in and smelling the result until I liked what I smelled. Sorry, that doesn’t really help. I think all I added was marjoram, basil, parsley, mint, rosemary, fennel. I think I just looked at the quinoa spices and tried to mimic them. And yes, I put a little (just a little) mint in the turkey. Sounds weird, but you can barely tell when it’s mixed with the quinoa.

All of the flavors meshed pretty well. I thought the quinoa that was pre-spiced had a little too bold of a flavor. I think next time, I’ll buy plain quinoa and add my own spices to it and let you know how that works out! After the turkey, kale, and onions were all cooked, I threw them into the pot with the quinoa. So good and different.


I took leftovers to work with me today, with a side of black beans from my preschool’s kitchen, and carrots. It might not look the most appetizing, but I was satisfied after finishing my lunch. Enjoy!

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