Virgin Falls + Lettuceless Salad

I’ve been craving cucumbers all week. Today, I finally bought some.

Lately I’ve been saving most of my shopping (especially veggies & fruit shopping) for Aldi because it is so much cheaper there than anywhere else. Not only does Aldi have great deals, but if you buy their store brand, most of it is made with great ingredients. I think I’m sold.

My plan for the week was to chop a few small Roma tomatoes, a cucumber, and a bell pepper, (and maybe carrots), toss together in a container, and leave in the fridge as part of a grab-and-go work lunch. I’ll also pour a little Greek dressing and a sprinkle bit of goat cheese on top.

It’s like a salad without the lettuce. A lettuceless salad.

Oh, and yesterday John and I hiked over nine miles at Virgin Falls, which is a little less than two hours from us. We’ve been really into hiking lately, and this was one of the best. There was only one part of the hike that was really difficult for me, and it just happened to be at the 7 mile mark, which made the steep, rocky climb much harder. It was a fun challenge though.

Rope crossing
Virgin Falls
the water fall that ended underground beneath this cave/rock overhang


White-tailed deer?
Sheep Cave

Along the hike, there were creeks, a river, a few waterfalls (of course the BIG one–Virgin Falls), surprise caves, and so many (apparently) underground rivers. Waterfalls  either began or ended beneath ground. It was so crazy thinking about all that is underground that we can’t see; it’s a whole other world. There were lots of gnarled trees overhanging small paths, open land with old logging roads, and many rocks, creeks, and caves for exploring. So much diversity. I’d love to go back again sometime.

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