Snow Days, Work Days, & Weekday Workouts

This past month has been difficult getting back in the swing of things after Christmas break, New Years break, snow day breaks… it’s been a struggle.

But I can’t forget that waking up at 5 am every day to spend the day in a room full of 14 2-2 1/2 year olds 8 hours a day is more than what it seems. I have a great co-teacher turned good friend, precious 2-year olds whom I am leaving a lasting impression on, and working for my marriage with the one I’ve been with for 4 years. As hard as it is to get up some days, when I’m at work, there is so much to enjoy.

One of the best things about my schedule is that it makes creating healthy meals much easier. I get used to waking up and making a healthy, filling breakfast (or preparing it the night before) and packing a healthy lunch the night before (healthy food always sounds better the night before). The hardest part is always dinner though. Regardless, my work schedule has definitely benefited my eating schedule and what I eat. It is not perfect by any means, but I do try to eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, protein, and fiber through healthy options many days of the week.

Last week I was working out after work at my apartment’s gym. As hard as it can be to head out to the gym after work, it felt so great. This week I struggled with it some, but on Thursday, I ran 4 miles in just under 40 minutes on the treadmill, and there is nothing more satisfying than a good run or workout on a weekday. You sleep better and feel better. Seriously, I didn’t work out as much these weekdays, and I was not sleeping as well at night even though I was getting up between 5-5:30 to get ready for work. It almost makes it worth it to work out if it means getting better sleep. I think I’m pro-morning workouts before anything else, but my gym opens at 6 am, and there’s no way for me to get to the gym and to work on time at 7 am. So, evening workouts will have to suffice for now while living here.

Lately, my go-to breakfast for work has been yogurt with natural fruit-sweetened jelly, raisins, and this granola that I scored at Marshall’s one day.

It’s possibly my favorite food-purchase of the month, and I’ll be sad when I run out.

My lunches at work have included a lot of tuna salad (tuna, mayo, mustard, salt, pepper), bagel thins, pita chips, hummus, celery, mushrooms, carrots, and apples. My lunches always spark a conversation in the break room about healthy food.

The one thing about work that has me somewhat down is the fact that my favorite little (almost) 3 year old is moving out of my class and up to an older class this coming week. She’s the most precious, imaginative, princess, talkative, dramatic, sweet, helpful, smart, intuitive, creative, serious little girl I’ve met, and I only hope that one day I’ll have a sweet thing like her. She’s been in my class for almost a year, was my first student, and we’ve always had a special bond that I don’t have/don’t think I’ll ever have with any other of the students. It’s going to be sad not having her in my class anymore.

Something exciting at work, however, is that my co-teacher is getting married this fall, and she asked me to a bridesmaid.


I’m so glad I not only get to talk wedding talk with her at work, but I also get to be involved. It’s gonna be fun.

This post has been all over the place. It’s also been almost a month since my last post though, so I didn’t really know how to bring it back. So this is what you get.

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