I Want More Mt. Juliet Juice Bar (and why you should too)

I’m sure lots of you already know about this place and I’ve been living in a hole in the ground, but I just tried Juice Bar for the first time yesterday as I was leaving a family trip to get donuts.

I left stuffed full of deliciousness but wanted/needed something else to fill me up with goods, so  I had to stop when I saw a sign on Mt. Juliet Road that said “Juice Bar.”

Although Juice Bar has several locations in Tennessee and around the country, this Mt. Juliet location is fairly new (just opened last month). This store was creative, homey, and quaint–not too big, but not too small. Plus, everyone who worked there was busily working but definitely not too busy to be friendly, and they seemed eager to make your choice of drink just perfect. Upon further research, I learned that they also use mostly organic ingredients and team up with local farmers and partners whenever possible, which is awesome.

When you first walk into Juice Bar, they have a menu with three categories on the wall: juices, smoothies, and essential oil shots or power shots (ginger and wheat grass were two that I remember.) As tempted as I was to get some sort of fruit/vegetable juice concoction (since I don’t have a juicer at home), I couldn’t resist the smoothie called “Mint to Be.” When I saw its name and list of ingredients, I knew I had to have it. Made with mint, mango, pineapple, organic coconut milk, and organic apple juice, it definitely hit the spot on a windows-down, sunny day.


The mint was refreshing, the mango and pineapple added a little tang, the coconut milk thickened and creamed the smoothie, and the apple juice added a little sweetness. It was the perfect mixture of every flavor.

Another perk of Juice Bar is that they have cute vases with white flowers on their wooden tables where you can sit and wait for your drink or sip your drink if you want to stay. Yes please. I love cute vases and I love little flowers in those cute vases.

Writing this is making me want another Mint to Be right now. Come on, Juice Bar, we need a 24-hour location. As much as I loved Mint to Be, though, I’ll probably try their juice next time because there were so many options. And maybe I’ll get food next time too, because they also have coffee and healthy lunch options (a kale/quinoa salad I spotted looked tempting).

Overall, my favorite thing about this Juice Bar location is that even though it’s a chain with stores all over the country, the atmosphere inside was welcoming with a small mom and pop store feel. That seems hard to achieve, but they pull it off well. Could have fooled me.

2 thoughts on “I Want More Mt. Juliet Juice Bar (and why you should too)

  1. Heather

    Thank you for the fantastic blog. We are thrilled you are so pleased. As the owner, I am ever thankful you were treated like family & our Juice peeps took care of you. Thank you for your business. Hope to meet you some time.


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