Beach/Mountain Vacation + Turkey Burger & Flaxseed Salad

John and I went on vacation last week…





…and it was so nice to have the week off together exploring the mountains, Charleston, and the beach!  While we did manage to eat pretty healthfully most of the time, now that we’re home I feel like I can and should control what goes into my body a little bit more. Plus I get to cook again!

Lately, this has been my favorite meal.

All-natural turkey burger, rice, lettuce, and peppers.


I grilled the burger in a pan with a little garlic powder, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. On the lettuce I poured a couple teaspoons of flaxseed oil + more Italian seasoning and salt and pepper (as the dressing). I used instant brown rice so that it wouldn’t take ten years to make the rice (I was way too hungry to wait!). It’s filling without making you feel way too full too fast–the best kind of meal to me. Enjoy!

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