Weekend Eats and Exploring

This weekend was a good mixture of relaxing, running errands, and exploring! On Saturday, we hung around the apartment during the morning and then eventually left to swing by the antique store to pick up the the antique cabinet I purchased the other day. We ended up browsing the store also. I love antique stores; there is so much history and so many untold stories in all of those pieces!


After the antique store, we wanted to try a restaurant in the area that we hadn’t tried before. We searched/stopped by a couple local lunch spots, but they happened to be closed because of the time of day (we were out and about around 2 pm). We eventually found a restaurant called Stack Southern Bistro in downtown Cleveland.

It was perfect because I was craving a burger, and they had alllll kinds of burgers. I stuck with a traditional burger and enjoyed every bite.


The fries tasted so fresh and homemade! I’m pretty sure they came right from the fryer to our plates with zero time to cool off, which is the best. I also thought the branding on top of the bun was a nice, personalized touch.

John chose a patty melt, and now thinking back, I wish I had tasted it!


I loved that the booths were built from those rugged, wooden slats and high enough that it felt almost as if we had our own private section of the restaurant.


It was a fun, middle-of-the-day date.

Sunday was full of exploring the area around the Cherokee National Forest down the road from us. It was a rainy day, so we did most of the exploring through our car windows. We also stopped at another antique store on our way home. Apparently they are all the rage for us right now.

Last night ended with soup, Downton Abbey (I am late to the game), reading a memoir by Sally Field, and watching the newest Hallmark movie.

I love weekends like this one!

And this is how my morning has begun today… a big breakfast.


I hope you all have a good start to your week!



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