Fitness Blender 4-Week Program + Leftover Lunch Combo

Today’s Work Out

Have you ever gotten into a workout rut? I have! (I’m in one right now…) When I was working full time before we moved to Cleveland, it was so easy for me to just pack my gym bag and go straight to the gym after work. I’ve never been in as good of shape as I was then! Since moving and since I’m still job searching, it’s been a lot harder to keep up a routine.

I have a gym membership here and go a few times a week usually, but lately when I go I typically just use the treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike. It became so boring that I pretty much just stopped going this week. I definitely needed a change.

I’ve been using the treadmill to run a lot, which I love. But too much of a good thing becomes a…boring thing? I wonder how many times I can use the word “boring” in this post. I’m definitely not going to stop running (especially considering I have that half marathon coming up in a couple months), but I’m going to stop acting like I have to run every time I go to work out. One one hand, running is a great safety net because I know I need to run in order to train for the half marathon and it does strengthen my legs and get my heart rate up, but on the other hand, it’s also a crutch because running isn’t that hard for me since I do it a lot. Hence, why I’ve been getting bored! Tooooo much running. That’s right. I said it. Sorry to anyone reading this who loves to run. I do too, but it’s getting old!

My plan is to keep running a couple days a week but to switch it up with some strength training and full body workouts. I decided to sign up for Fitness Blender‘s 4-week workout plan, which is perfect for me right now because I don’t really have to think about what my workout for the day will be, which means no overthinking involved! I’ve never been good at creating my own strength training workouts, so give me a video and I’m game. Fitness Blender is a website that has tons of free workout videos, as well as extended workout programs (2, 4, or 8-week) that you can purchase.

I’m following along with the “Smart HIIT & Strength Program to Get Fit Quick.” The videos are only about 30 minutes and move pretty quickly! It was over before I knew it. My heart was POUNDING. In the middle of the video, the instructor said to take a water break, and I was like, “Ok, well, this will actually be my tenth water break so far.” I was sweeeeating! The program does cost $14.99, but I was desperate for some motivation, so I went with it.

I’m just excited to get back into strength training. It’s been months since I’ve done it, and I forgot how great it feels. I had way more energy all day long to tackle my list for the day.

I’ll keep y’all updated along the way!


This is kind of random, but I wanted to share my lunch today. It was basically a plate full of leftovers!

Yesterday for lunch, I grilled two frozen turkey burgers in a pan (one for yesterday and one for today), heated up a can of collard greens (weird, but I loooove collard greens), and had a few slices of cucumber. Then, for dinner last night, along with chicken and green beans, I made these roasted red potatoes and onions. Oh my word, the potatoes were so good and the onions got a little caramelized in the pan.

So today for lunch, I had the leftover turkey burger that was in the fridge from yesterday and the rest of the collard greens and potatoes.


It might not look completely appetizing, but it really hit the spot. I love hot, leftover lunches.

I’ll share the roasted potato recipe another time!

Question: Have you ever used any Fitness Blender videos? If so, what are some of your favorites?



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